Beta 3 Update Info - Released

Next update so far…

  • adding functionality to update the status info on an item as you interact with it. Updates requiring a network refresh is not implemented at this time and will still require clicking Refresh.
  • figured out the strange null exception that happens from time to time when refreshing
  • changed how interacting with item works. There are now two ways to interact. Click the icon for a quick action if it exists or click the arrow on bottom right to open/close the item. It should only be visible if there are possible actions available for the item. This should make it easier to interact with the item without constantly opening and closing accidentally. This will will probably be tweaked further in future.
  • quick actions. These will only be on devices that have an action that only have two valid states (on, off, true, false, 0, 1, etc). Scenes will always have a quick action.
  • Changed title bars on all the pages to make them more space efficient and a bit cleaner
  • The progress indicator “Working…” should now be more accurate
  • added auth type to Create page to allow the user a more granular setup
  • optimizing data storage structures to be able to easily store lots of settings at an item level (icon, indicator, quick action, hidden, custom view, usage count, etc)
  • new device level settings (indicator, icon, etc). Context menu will now have a Settings option
  • change the status auto refresh delay to a max of 2.5 seconds. Shortened the overall status refresh timeout to no more than 5 seconds for clicking refresh and when switching veras the refresh is has no delayed timeout.
  • new plugins: wink hub, garage door, garage door controller
  • added more actions to the door lock service

There were tons of changes so hopefully i didn’t break anything.


I will be adding more icons to the app, but i have no plans to allow anything custom. With that being said, i create all of them using a free tool call Metro Studio… so if there are things you’d find useful send me the names of icons you’d like to see. Thanks.

garage door (open/close)
stereo (when supported)
Sonos speaker (pick one)

:slight_smile: just the first three off the top of my head.

garage door (open/close) - added a garage icon, added SetPin and ClearPin actions to the door lock device
stereo (when supported) - added another radio (boom box) icon
Sonos speaker (pick one) - added a speaker icon

Awesome… now if the update would just show up!

Yeah, how do one get access to updates for the beta?

Beta’s are locked down by the users win phone email, so send that to: and i’ll forward the beta store link

I tried your link again an now I could update. Thanks for this app and keep up the good work!

Love love love icon choice!!! And that you can apply to scenes as well… awesome.

it’s the small things :o

Question: Will changing the name of a device in Grasshopper chance the name in U15, or will it stay a “friendly name” in the app only (I hope)?

Its changing name and room selection on your vera through a service call. Do you see value in have a name (remote) and friendly name (local only)? I’m curious to the use case?

Hi mramgine,

Thanks again for all your hard work, some feedback:

I would also prefer if you could have “friendly name (local only)” for personalized look and feel.

Other thing I have noticed:

Dimmer slider is hard to set to correct level on a small phone screen.

For some reason the dimmer slider is not available for a fan (arduino plugin device) that uses the same device_type and device_file as a normal z-wave light.
Same thing for the window cover device, no dimmer slider available.

I also UV Index device (RFXtrx plugin device) that it would be nice to get to show the value also.
device_type = urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:UvSensor:1
device_file = D_UvSensor1.xml
If you decide to add support for this device please let me know if I can do something to help.

Also a nice Icon for Fan would be appreciated.

The Beta does not support Scandinavian letters while the publicly released version does:

All sorts of reasons. Here’s an easy one. I may name a device something in Vera that is helps me completely understand what it is while programming… like GreenLampBedroom. But in the remote client UX, all I want to see is Green Lamp, since I have it organized by room already.

Make sense?

  • i’m going to add a local name.
  • I honestly dislike the sliders for granular control. The control the current app uses isn’t compatible with winrt. I may do a combo control where there is a slider and a selector, just gotta figure how i want to lay that out visually.
  • i’ll take a look at the arduino plugin and RFXtrx plugin
  • adding some fan icons
  • i’ll look into the Scandinavian letter thing.

I can’t find either of these plugins (arduino, rfxtrx) in the store but i can find info about them on the web. Where can i find the latest files for these plugins?

Rfxtrx plugin →,27754.0.html

Arduino plugin →

Would it help if I setup access to my system for you? I did this once before when I helped you fix a bugg for the window cower device.

Ya that would be great… Just email me the credentials to use and i’ll let you know when i’m on it testing. Thanks.