Best way to provide apps for beta testing?

I’m wondering what is the best way to offer beta test users an updated version of a plugin without going through the full RC process on I know this has kind of been asked previously (,8974), but the answer was only RC is supported.

The problem is that the approval process takes time (days), and is a bit of a drawnout process for providing a bug fix test version (and I suspect isn’t supported over the weekend when those of us with a real job can spend time on this). We could of course provide beta test versions on the forum, but that doesn’t quite seem right either.

Is there a plan to support beta test releases on - preferably without the requirement to go through the approval process? If not, what’s the recommended way to develop/test apps?


The UI has support for Beta and Alpha versions of a plugin, but they are not implemented. The best solution would be to post the link to the SVN revision, like it was done on UI4, along with installation instructions.