Best way to "export" events from Vera

After I successfully got my Powermax Pro alarm hooked up to Vera (with excellent help from this forum), I’m now looking into how I can get events (specifically PIR sensor events) out of Vera and into Domoticz.

I’m currently fumbling my way with : Vera → OpenHAB w/MIOS binding > MQTT > Domoticz. But this is quite a lot of stuff to set up for something very simple…

What is the simplest way to get Vera to do a simple HTTP Post upon a device status change?

Replying to my own post. I’m sorry for asking such noob-questions - but it seems I can execute a HTTP request with some simple LUA code, according to

[code]Invoke HTTP URL with GET request (Method 2)
Based on code by Jim/jgc94131
local http = require(‘socket.http’)

– 5 Second timeout
socket.http.TIMEOUT = 5

local response_body = {}
local request_body = ‘’

local r, c, h = socket.http.request{
url = ‘http://website/page?parameter1=value&parameter2=value’,
method = “GET”,
port = 80,
headers = {
[“Content-Length”] = string.len(request_body),
[“Content-Type”] = “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”
source = ltn12.source.string(request_body),
sink = ltn12.sink.table(response_body)

If all you want to do is send an http request, you can do it much simpler by (for example):

function RunExtVeraScene(scnnum)
  luup.inet.wget("" .. scnnum, 5, "", "")

The above code is what I use to send an http request from one vera to another (different UIs, so they cant be bridged).

(Then when I want to run scene 7 on the other vera I just write:)


Thank you! I knew it had to be a simpler solution :slight_smile: