Best Siren for Vera?

Thoughts / Experiences?

I use my Smoke detectors … inside the house it’s extremely annoying … outside not so much. If you want your neighbors to be annoyed and call 911 … you will want an outdoor alarm as well.

All of the Smoke detectors in my house are tied together … if any go off … they all go off. I have 5 of them. They are all connected via 3 Wires (Black, White = 110V power, Red - Link) fairly standard in new US housing market.

I have a relay that engages a 9v DC battery power between White and Red … witch causes the alarms to fire. I also have a SM120X relay attached that also detects the alarms and provided feedback to my Vera. (Could also be wired into an Alarm System).

We got robbed when on vacation and the neighbors were ‘watching’ the house so I’d like sirens the neighbors can easily hear.
… for inside the house, I do like the idea of hooking up the fire alarms, I may do that - but I do want something loud for outside.

I was thinking I would get two Zwave sirens and put them on battery backup in case the power goes out.

Looks like there are not many Zwave options - anyone have experience with the Zwave sirens?

i was using a old alarm siren that was connect to a 12v power pack and then used a controlled outlet.

nice idea… by ‘12v power pack’ do you mean AC to 12vDC wall adapter?

yeah i just grabbed any 12v i had laying around and jammed the wires in, tapped it up and was good to go. check around for code that someone put up for blinking a outside light and i used that too.

I have the Fortrezz SSA02 (interior with red led). They are good. Good sound, choice between only flash and sound + flash.
They can work on batteries or direct plug.

I was a bit disapointed by the SSA03 (new exterior model). It seem less waterproof than the interior model… But the sound is verry verry loud !! It has the same function as the interior module.

I’ve also bought an Everspring SE812. Also happy with it. Louder than the Fortrezz SSA02 less than the SSA03.

The everspring and the SSA03 have tamper protection, for the SSA02 I’m not sure.

Vision Security just launched two sir?ne but never tested nor read comments.

Hope it helps.

So now I’m thinking… there are tons of ‘regular’ alarm sirens for $10-20… would it be better to get one of these and hook them to an AC adapter and an Appliance Module. The cost would be nearly the same - but I’m thinking the full sie sirens would be louder? They only seem to be rated in Watts (most are 20 or 30), not DB.