Best replacement for Squeezebox radios?

Due to Logitech no longer properly supporting their Squeezebox radios (including the UERadio update option), and the major security vulnerabilities in the server software they never fixed (which did cause my squeezebox account to be locked out), I scrapped all the radios in the house. Sadly, despite them sounding so darn good, they are nothing but trash now due to the radios being so dependant vs its own thing.

So, has anyone found the best solution for replacing them with that also works well with Vera? I want to be able to play files (they can be locally, SD, I don’t care) via scenes as audible confirmations and such as scenes are ran.

I know that Sonos “might” be an option but that can get real pricey real quick.

Don’t know about integration with Vera that you are looking for, but I replaced Squeezebox with Google Home speakers and Google ChromeCast / Chromecast Audio devices for whole home in sync music.

There is Vera Concierge that can send TTS announcements to Google Home. Not sure what else it can do other than integrating Vera with Google Home for voice controlling your Vera devices and scenes etc.