Best option for IP camera network recording?

Hi all, I’m fairly new at the whole vera set up’s but I was just wondering what do most of you use for your IP cameras to record? Devices such as DVR’s? NAS? or some software maybe? Also any MAC users here have any success with all that?

I use synology nas to integrate my camers. Works well with MAC as well…
All my camera’s are also available through vera. I am very happy with the setup.
Only drawback is that yoh have to pay a license for each camera in symologg but in return you get a very professional surveillance station

Thanks for the reply. What nas model are you using? Cheers

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I have the DS211j which is a two bay slot. There are also cheaper one bay models. My model can handle max 5 ip camera’s. You can check on synology page what the amount of cameras each model can handle.

Sounds good thanks for the info! So are you able to still view the camera remotely with the vera ui?

Yes, you can integrate most of the ip cameras in vera as well as long as they have a valid url. Also i can view them with the various apps for vera like authomation and imperihome.
So really a nice intagration.

You should try.

Sounds good tks!