Best monitored alarm system to integrate with vera

Hey everyone, I am going to be moving soon and will need to install an alarm system. I currently have a monitored DSC panel and would like to stay with my same monitoring service. What alarm integrated best with my VeraPlus?

I’m in the same boat with you, I been doing research with Dsc products and. Found to be a good system, my thing as long as the C.S. monitoring is good with you stay with what you know, 1st of year in going to retrofit existing house/rental with z-wave

Do a search in this sub-forum for DSC and you will find lots of useful info. There are a number of options available , some integrate with Vera easily and some not so much. Many here default to the DSC Power Series as it’s pretty bullet proof and using a less that $100 internet module your alarm sensors are exposed to you across the internet. Then add the free Vera DSC plugin and now Vera can see all your sensors AND Vera can control the system.

I agree with RichardPHarvey.
The DSC 1616, 1832 and 1864 power series are the latest DSC panels that integrate with the Envisalink EVL-4. The EVL-4 is the network interface card you will need to connect your Vera to your alarm system. The Neo Power Series will not work with the EVL-4
With an alarm kit and a EVL-4 you can integrate your Vera to your alarm very easily.
You can learn more about the kits we designed for Vera integration and Central Station monitoring here.