Best mobile app?

I have used Imperihome for several years. Now my wall mounted android tablet crashed. When I changed the tablet, I had to pay monthly for Imperihome. I don’t see a separate forum for Imperihome here so now I wonder which app is best to build a nice dashboard in?

You already have the best. If you have bought imperihome contact them to translate your license to a permanent one and not use the monthly subscription one.

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I bought the pro version many years ago and use it changing phones.

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Homewave from intveltr is a good choice too, I use that for a lot of years and I am very happy with that.

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You should be able to see the pro Version still in your playstore library.

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I contacted Imperihome and they solved the problem.

Hi all,

Is there any explanation for ImperiHome using camera on my mobile phone? it happened second time.

Strange if application has no permission and above happened. Does anyone know what going on?

Hi, hmm that’s quite interesting. Have you solved the issue yet?

Imperihome can use the camera to wake up the tablet, permissions are probably for that.