Best ir to ps3 gadget?

Does anyone use an iR to ps3 adapter? If so, which ones work, give the best controls etc?

The logitech harmony ps3 adapter is the best I’ve found. Use it with the harmony an the nevo and it works great.


Thanks. I have heard this works very well with SQ Blaster too… We have the codes set built in. We had an inquiry from a potential customer, and I wanted to give him a couple of options. But I am hearing that this is “the one that works”


I think I posted here about it once. Haven’t set up the puck yet with it, but I know with the nevo, I had issues with the stock code for power off, but I incorporated it into a macro that added a couple key presses. I imagine the same may be true with the blaster.
I looked at a couple other options for ir to bt adapters, but they were mostly either expensive or too homebrew. I used a USB ir dongle ($10 at best buy) but that wouldn’t give me power on - I left the pa3 on then, but according to Sony, that’s not a good idea.

This is also what I have, and it works fine with the SQBlaster also. As @woodsby noted, “Power Off” is an interesting challenge as it looks like there’s no direct IR code to do that. I haven’t yet attempted to Macro’ize the work-around just yet, and I have auto-power Off set on my PS3 anyhow.

The UEI code that I have on my Nevo almost gets you there… just had to add a couple commands… when I get a chance, I’ll check my Nevo macro, test and post.

Anyone ever try the ps3toothfairy? I believe its able to power on and off as it has a built in macro for navigating the menu for power already!? I read some good reviews about it and it was the one I was thinking of buying before I sold my PS3.

I used the following power off macro sequence for the Logitech PS3 adapter. Please let me know if you have found an error or found a better sequence.

Playstation 3 - Playstation Button (repeat count 0)
Delay 500ms
Playstation 3 - Playstation Button (repeat count 10)
Delay 1500ms
Playstation 3 - X Button (repeat count 0)
Delay 1000ms
Playstation 3 - X Button (repeat count 0)

Wow! Now that is a complex way of getting something to power off!


Unfortunately, this is not a discrete code, since the playstation button turns on the PS3 if it’s off. Looks like this will be something I will want to control from vera, using a virtual device. Fortunately, this is taking place of the harmony in my family room, leaving just the Nevo S70 which can update status of the virtual device in vera… when vera supports the blaster.