Best iphone app?

Anyone tried multiple iphone apps for z-wave control? There are several around and none are inexpensive. The SQ seems to be getting the most buzz and I’m thinking it’s the one I should try since I plan to get a SQBlaster soon. BTW, will the app control my vera stuff without the blaster?

Hi Punkbrain,

I will let others tell you what they think of SQ Remote. I am biased in my opinions ;D

As to your question - yes SQ Remote HD will control your Vera gear without a Blaster. When you have a Blaster though, you won’t look back, as you will have simple control over all your AV gear too… All through one interface, with full macro capabilities, themes and more… (I said I was biased…)


@punkbrain, SQ remote takes a little bit of work to set up compared to the other solutions, but the effort is well worth it in terms of functionality and customization.
Support is also second to none and you wont regret the purchase!


If you do have any questions regarding setup, just ping us through the square connect ticket system. We are always happy to help.