Best integrated door lock and dead bolt lock

I currently have a Schlage FE599 entrance door lock, which work great with my old Vera Edge. Now that I upgraded to a Ezlo Plus, it has been a problem getting it integrated to work like it did on the Vera.

I’m looking for some feedback as to what entrance door locks and dead bolt locks work the best with Ezlo Plus.
I need the ability to remotely lock/unlock the door, remotely add/delete access codes, and receive alerts when a code is entered, the lock has been tampered with, etc.

Hello @serpico1,
The integration team finished the integration of this device a few days ago. Please check Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform 2022-Jan-07. Please make sure your controller is running the latest firmware version and unpair-pair the device one more time. If you have any issues after that, feel free to contact the technical support team at
Kind regards!

I will not be onsite to do the unpair-pair for several weeks. This lock is installed in my rental vacation home.
I do see it in the newly integrated devices. But, I do not see the lock listed in the mobile app, when I select add device> door locks

Hello @serpico1,
Not all integrated devices are listed in the Device Pairing Wizard. In those cases, we recommend using the “Generic Z-Wave device” option. More information at How to add Generic Z-wave/Zigbee Devices to my Ezlo Controller?.
Kind regards!

Well, I’m finally on site.
Cant seem to get the door lock unpaired to see if I can finally get it up and working

I also purchased an Aeotec range extender 7 in case the issue is distance from the hub. The door lock is about 18 feet from the hub, so I placed the extender in between the two. I was able to pair the extender with no problem. But as luck would have it, it too is having issues. The hub keeps dropping the device. One moment it appears in the mobile app, then it’s gone and appears to have reset itself as the extender goes into in pairing mode again

Hello @serpico1,

There are some issues that might be affecting the functionality of the FE599. Although our technical support agents have been in contact with you recently to gather logs from your controller at the moment the inclusion/exclusion has started.

Only as a recommendation, try the exclusion/inclusion process again as close as possible to the controller, as the range extender will work as a bridge to allow communication through Z-Wave commands between nodes but it doesn’t really allow the controller to look around for devices in inclusion mode to configure them using each single of them. If the lock is configured this way, it’s most likely that you will have basic commands to lock/unlock the lock with a certain delay but it would still need further investigation to determine if there is an issue with the lock’s integration as it would also limit more complex functionalities as the use of pin codes or pin codes restrictions.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Thank you for the feedback.
During my time on the phone with the Tech, we attempted to exclude/include the FE599 lock a couple times. I also repeated the process a few times after getting off the phone with the Tech. Each and everytime, the range extender was not used for the exclusion/inclusion process. The Ezlo Plus controller was placed within 2 feet of my lock for this process.

The controller would include the lock and it would show up in the mobile app as a “Allegion Door Lock” . But the App is unable to control the lock. It does not show battery life, I can not remotely open/lock the door lock or add any user codes. The lock does not function at all on the Ezlo controller.

I have had this lock for about 5 years and it worked flawlessly when I had the Vera Edge controller, But unfortunately that controller stopped working, so I switched to the Ezlo Plus controller a little more then a year ago, and I have been dealing with this same issue of the lock not functioning with the Ezlo Plus ever since.

Last year, I was informed that the FE599 lock was tested and integrated into the Ezlo Plus controller system. But, I could never get it to work on my end. I have several other Z-Wave devices, such as window/door sensors, thermostat, water leak sensor, smoke detector, etc. They all work fine on the Ezlo Plus, it is just the Schlage FE599 that will not work with the controller.

At this point, I am throwing up the white flag and giving up on the process. I dont know if it is the Ezlo system that is not compatible with the lock, or perhaps the lock is no longer working properly and so it will not integrate with the controller properly. But, in either case, I am done trying to get it to work, it has been over a year of frustration. I have decided to just purchase a WiFi smart lock that works independently of the Ezlo system and Use my Ezlo controller for all my other devices.

Thank you for you assistance.
Thomas Rickey