Best free (?) notification service

Hi all,

I couldn’t find anything specific on this, so thought I’d might as well just ask directly - which is the best, preferably free, notification service that supports at least android, but also maybe windows (regular, not phone) and maybe even iOS?


Notification service?

VeraAlerts (costs $6) has a free trial period. It is the BEST notification system on Vera. Android, SMTP, SMS, Sonos, Pushover and more…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I did have a look at this a while back, but installed it on the first day I had my vera and never got to have a closer look until after the trial was done - but I’ll take your word and will buy a license. $6 isn’t going to ruin me anyway :wink:

Uninstall and re-install … this will restart the 30 day counter.
You can still use this without a license … It has some lower limits … but reload Vera to restart the counter.