Best energy monitor

Hi all

I am planning to buy a vera lite with ui5.

Which zwave device is the best compitible device with vera to measure total energy on the electric meter and total gas on the gasmeter. Both devices have an p1 port and a led.

I would like a graph with current usage, 15 minute usage and last week, last year.


Regards , Martin

If you want accuracy for electricity measurement I recommend that you get a monitor that measures voltage and power factor. The CurrentCost, which I have, does not.

Not sure what the issue is but I have tried to load CurrentCost twice and both times my Vera unit has had to be restored to factory defaults to get it responsive again. Maybe it is my unit but beware this could happen to you and you loose all your setup work. Restoring my setting is not working either so it is almost a complete start over to fix this.

Woe thats to bad

The device looks realy promissing, so i hope someone figures it out ;D


I agree it does look really nice. Once I get the backup/restore process working I will most likely try this app again but until then I don’t want to risk having to reconfigure the Vera from scratch. I will have to search again but I believe the person who I found the restore process had loaded CurrentCost when he had to restore his Vera.

This was only meant to be a warning so you didn’t possibly loose all your work setting up your Vera just like you wanted it. For that matter this is all new to me and its possible I am doing something wrong. :o

ok, ha yes ofcourse i understand, you don’t want a horrible factory default.