Benext Alarmsound More sounds and soundlevel?

This topic is about the Benext Alarmsound [url=][/url] with the manual [url=][/url]. This alarm device is z-wave compatible. Have added it to the Vera 3 Controller very easily. Push the z-wave button on the vera controller for inclusion o a device until the light blinks every second. After that put the Alarmsound on power next to the vera controller and the device is including (or if this does not work directly, push the button on the alarmsound until a regular blinking occurs).

It takes a while until the device is fully visible in the Vera controller, it is recognized as a light.

On the vera wiki a short post about how to change the sounds

[url=][/url] :

[glow=red,2,300]BeNext Alarm Sound has 6 different sounds that can be configured using Vera.
To add the parameter that let’s you change between each sound, you have to go to Devices → All, click the “wrench icon” on the alarm sound, go to the “Device options” tab, click “Add configuration settings”, for “Variable” enter 7, select “1 byte dec” and for “Desired value” enter between 1 and 6, then click the “Save” button.
To change to a different sound you have to click the “wrench icon”, go to “Device options” and change to a different value between 1 and 6 in the “Desired value” box, then click the “Save” button.[/glow]

These changes are easily made on the device in the webview of the vera controller

But there are more options in the alarmsound. Quoting a software-engineer

Because of memory reasons the Alarm Sound comes default with only three sounds: Alarm (idx 1), Walk-in/-out (idx2) and Error (idx 3).

You were on the right track to update the configuration parameters. Send the following byte strings to update the other 3 indexes.

Cfg params 64-81: [ 0x64, 0x07, 0xD0, 0x44, 0x01, 0x01, 0x18, 0x14, 0x00, 0x03, 0xE8, 0x14, 0xFF, 0x00, 0x10, 0x01, 0x40, 0x00 ]

Cfg params 82-99: [ 0x64, 0x07, 0xD0, 0x43, 0x80, 0x19, 0x1f, 0x43, 0x00, 0x03, 0xE8, 0x14, 0xFF, 0x00, 0x10, 0x01, 0x40, 0x00 ]

Cfg params 100-117: [ 0x64, 0x00, 0x64, 0x54, 0x81, 0xf6, 0x1b, 0x12, 0x00, 0x03, 0xE8, 0x14, 0xFF, 0x00, 0x10, 0x01, 0x40, 0x00 ]

Please find in our manual what every byte represents. (e.g. the first byte of every string is the volume).

If you have configured one or more of above sounds you can select them using the configuration parameter 7. (e.g. if you have configured the doorbell then send the value 6 to configuration parameter 7, note that you should send a BASIC/SWITCH_BINARY _SET to the alarm sound to activate that sound).

And here the mystery for me starts. As I’m not an embedded software-engineer and not an electro-technical engineer I do not understand how to change things in the configuration of the detected alarmsound device on the vera controller when I read the quote from the software-engineer. I know configuration could be possible by typing some specific URL for the device or adding Variables and Configuration Parameters in the webview of the device, but which one? And what are the choices given the cfg params of the software engineer and his message to send byte strings to the device?

Does somebody know how to do this?