Before I buy - need some help regarding security system integration

Hey guys,

I’ve been interested in getting started in home automation for a while, and finally have decided to take the leap with the veralite. Before I purchase the hardware, I want to make sure I’m on the right track, as my main goal is to integrate my security system to be able to arm and disarm remotely.

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what security system I have installed, and it appears to be a GE Concord 4 Series with ATP1000 keypads. I’ve done as much research as possible on this forum and others and it looks like with the Concord 4 Series that it can be integrated with the Veralite using this plugin: GE Concord Alarm Panels

Along with that plugin it looks like I also need a GE Automation Module and a USB to RS232 adapter, is this correct?

I really appreciate any help you’re able to give!! Thanks in advance!