Beam Sensors (point to point) - proximity alerts/notifications


I’m looking to find a solution with Vera that would allow me to set up a perimeter system - so I can be alerted when someone is approaching the house. However as I’m close to a busy road and pathway I want to avoid a wide area motion sensor, and instead focus on something that looks between two points - something like this…

I found these on Amazon, ( ) and could explore using them with a simple binary sensor, but is anyone using something similar today, maybe with photocells, or z-wave and ideally runs on batteries for easier installation - if so what is it, and how well is it working for you ?

I have a similar setup. It works very well. I connected it to a Fibaro Binary Sensor, just because it’s everything 12v.
I’d not use a battery only device, but you can probably do it by hacking a low cost door sensor. I did it with a NeoCoolCam door sensor to get a magnetic sensor attached easily. Battery will last a year or so, but I’m against exposing battery at the elements, its duration may be significantly decreased.

Thanks for responding @therealdb, you wouldn’t by any chance have any photos/wiring diagrams of your set up, it would be very interesting to see ?

I’m out of town at the moment, but it’s very simple, since these devices have two wires and you just have to link them.

Seems so, but it would be great to see one/how yours is set up -when you’re back - many thanks

This is something we’ve been thinking about so keen to see how you get on. This sort of detection would be so much better than PIR type sensors in many applications.

Sorry, I found no picture and I’m out of town at the moment. If you look at fibaro binary sensor, it’s basically wired as the precipitation sensor example Universal Binary Sensor | FIBARO Manuals

I guess the next question is does the Fibaro Binary sensor work well with Vera ?. If so then I might get a couple of these and see if I can build something that works.

Yes, but they’re out of production. The new version is not supported but I wrote a script to support it. You can find it somewhere here in this forum. Any device able to take a 12v contact will make it.

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