Beam break optical sensor

Is anyone using an optical sensor with Vera?

There are several things I’d like Vera to do if neither of our cars are in the driveway, and I’d like to avoid the need to enter the “Leaving” PIN on my door lock as the last one of us leaves the house.

Any suggestions for hardware or implementation would be welcome. Thanks!

Any regular beam break device with HRDS1?

Yes, that was what I was thinking, too.

Maybe something like this Enforcer Photobeam Sensor, , which has relay outputs?

It would be easier to use a combination transmitter/receiver with a reflector so I’d only need power on one side of the driveway. I’ll keep looking.

Thats a good idea.
Here’s a few more devices.


I take it key fob and/or in-car Homelink buttons fall in the same “avoid” category (or are not available) / you want it fully automated?

Yes, I’m married.

;D Right. So the boss keeps harassing you for forgetting to enter the Leaving PIN when you leave last and demanded more automation… :wink:

Interesting idea though. Even as a trigger (instead of a motion sensor) to turn on outside lights or something.

You could also use @woodsbys RFID plugin?!

Is it referring to ? Or something else ?