BE469 slow to respond - not sure why

Recently bought and installed 3 z-wave deadbolts - a couple of Schlage BE469 and a Vision (monoprice). They all installed and paired easily (and without having to move my Edge!) and they all work well. I’ve got all of them locking upon entering Night mode. This works fine but one of the Schlage locks takes it’s sweet time, maybe 30-45 seconds. The other two lock within 5-10 seconds. There’s no greater distance between the controller or any of the repeaters (lots of them) and any of the locks. There’s no difference between the laggard and the fast ones as far as I can tell.

Any ideas for speeding up the pokey one?

I assume this isn’t the issue since they’re new, but I’ve noticed low battery (30-50%) can cause slow response time on my locks.

Yep, battery level on all the locks is 100%.

I know this doesn’t help you at all, but I can say that I have 5 of these locks and the all function exactly as expected. Differences are that I have VeraLite and I DID have to move it to each lock to get it to pair.