Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed some inconsistency in the way battery date updates are handled in my devices, and I’m hoping to get some clarification on best practices.

In some cases, the battery date on some device seems to get updated automatically to a recent date, while in other cases, the battery date remains several years old even after a battery change.

This leads me to wonder: what is this date? Is it the last date the battery level has changed? Or is it a when the battery was replaced? Am I supposed to manually update the battery date field when I change the battery in a device?

I’m curious about:Whether certain devices have built-in mechanisms to update the battery date automatically.

If manual intervention is required to update the battery date, and if so, why this isn’t consistent across devices.

Any tips or best practices for managing battery date updates in devices.Any insights or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’ve never noticed this about the Battery Date, never paid it any attention before. However this Wiki page says the following about the “BatteryDate” variable, “The UNIX time when the BatteryLevel was reported”.

Its the BatteryLevel I always looked at and as long as that changed and updated OK then I didnt worry about anything else.

BatteryDate appears to be or should be the last time the BatteryLevel was reported from the device to the Vera controller.

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Hello cw-kid,

Thanks for sharing that Wiki page with me. It’s funny how sometimes we forget certain details until someone points them out! I appreciate the reminder.

Your insight about focusing on the BatteryLevel makes a lot of sense. As long as that’s updating properly, it seems like everything should be in order.

Thanks again for your help!