Battery pack charging

Got my Vera2 yesterday and have been playing around with it a bit. So far everything is going smoothly, but I have to admit to being a little confused about charging the battery pack that comes with it. The instructions, I’m afraid, aren’t very helpful, being poorly translated from (I presume) Chinese, and not appearing to match the hardware I have. Here’s what they say:

[ul][li]Switch on the adaptor and the red light would be on; Press the switch of the battery to “on” and the indicator would be on.[/li]
[li]Connect the point of the adaptor to “DC In/out” of the battery and the green light would be on, which indicates it starts to charge. The box doesn’t finish charging until the green light is off.[/li][/ul]

The adaptor has a red and a green LED, but no switch. The battery pack has a red LED and a switch. When I plug the adaptor into the battery and turn on the battery switch, the red LEDs on both devices light up. Does this mean the battery’s already charged? If it needed a charge, would the green LED on the adaptor light up instead?

It’s entirely possible that your battery pack came in already charged; mine did. Otherwise, you’d see the green LED on the adaptor.

Perhaps this link will help:

Thanks, looks like mine was already charged.