Basic X10 Module Question for the Smarter People

Will Vera now support an X10 module like this:

I would love to open my garage door with my iPhone.

If so, to set up, do I have to do anything special or just do the dongle flash thing?

THANK-YOU for your help!

G., since the “Universal Module” is an X10 (and not Z-Wave) device, it can only interoperate with Vera through a specific “bridge” or cross-protocol interface.

I own several Universal Modules, along with other X10 devices, but have not yet implemented any of them with Vera. In order to do so, several things must be in place:

  1. Update Vera to latest (Luup-enabled) firmware, version 862 or higher.
  2. Have an X10 “powerline modem” (PLM) plugged into Vera’s USB port and also into your home’s electrical line.
  3. Install the necessary “Luup plug-in” which lets Vera interface with X10. (A formal release and detailed documentation is forthcoming from MCV this month.)

From there, almost anything is possible. I’m trying to keep all X10 discussions - since this is not a feature set formally supported by MCV developers - within a single Forum thread:

Please join us X10 enthusiasts there, as things start rolling…


Thanks for answer! I appreciate it!