Basic setup for window door sensor and strobe alarm - Vera Lite

I’ve been trying to set up a scene in which a window/door sensor is tripped and the strobe/alarm turns on. I’m very new to this and I’m sure this is probably a very simple configuration. I would appreciate if someone could give a step-by-step setup instruction as I have ran out of ideas. I’m excited with my Vera and extremely frustrated with the unfriendliness of the system setup and the lack of proper installation/setup guide by MCV. Anyway, if you would be kind enough to give me a hand on this one I would greatly appreciate.

Thanks a lot!

First of welcome to the forum. See here for getting started on how to create a scene:,13305.msg98962.html#msg98962

  • Garrett

Thanks, Garret! Your help is much appreciated.

Here is what I did:

  1. Create a scene called “Set Alarm”
  2. Selected the strobe in the device tab and set it to “ON”
  3. IN the triggers tab, I selected a window sensor as the trigger
  4. Set it as follows:
    Edit trigger
    Device: #43 Maya’s
    What type of event is the trigger?: A sensor (door/window/motion/etc.) is tripped
    Name for this trigger: Window alarm went off
    Tripped Device is not tripped

When I run this scene, the strobe goes on immediately even thought the sensor has not been tripped yet.

Any suggestions?


I believe you need “device IS tripped”…