Basic Scene Questions

Trying to understand how a few things work before doing too much trial and error.

Question 1
On a trigger for an alarm sensor there are two drop downs. One has options of “A sensor is tripped” and an “armed sensor is tripped” - that I get. The other box says “device armed is tripped” and “device armed is not tripped”, that I’m not as sure what it actually does. Is it controlling what happens when the trigger occurs or the action AFTER the trigger?

Question 2
When you setup a scene with luup code does that code run before, after or instead of any logic defined in the trigger/devices/advanced tabs?


Answers to this and your other questions should be discoverable by searching the forum.

Re. the question above in particular, the wiki has a good page on this.

The short answer being that trigger code runs before scene code and either can return ‘false’ to abort the scene actions.

With two variable (Armed, Tripped) you have four options:

  1. Armed and Tripped
  2. Armed and Not Tripped
  3. Not Armed and Tripped
  4. Not Armed and Not Tripped

The first menu allows you to specify the Armed State you are interested in.
The second menu allows you to specify the Tripped State you are interested in.

I guess I’m missing something, the first menu has both the armed state and tripped “an armed sensor is tripped”. I can select both “an armed sensor is tripped” and “device armed is not tripped”. I’m not sure if the wording is confusing me between “armed sensor” and “device armed”…

Poor wording in the menus … the first menu partitions the 4 options based on the Armed State … the second menu selects the specific option bases on the tripped state.

Ok, so follow-up question. I currently have a trigger set to “armed sensor is tripped” and “device armed is tripped” for a motion detector. From the Triggers menu it shows a last run of just a few minutes ago even though the alarm isn’t armed. Does the last run mean “last time the logic was attempted” versus “last time the trigger actually triggered”?

Do not conflate “the partition is armed” with “the sensor is armed”. The former is a feature of the security system that you haven’t mentioned in this thread but which I infer from your past posts this is related to. The latter is a feature of Vera and does not correspond to anything on your security system.

If you are trying to test “a zone is tripped while the partition it is in is armed” then there is no built-in trigger for this. You will have to use a plugin like PLEG to test for that.

futzle - that is my confusion - the term “armed” to me was inferring the alarm partition is on. What I was/am trying to do as a simple test requirement is “if the alarm is set and a specific motion detector trips (one that when armed in stay wouldn’t cause the alarm to go off) turn on a light for 5 minutes then shut it off” - sort of a soft alarm to scare away a burgler since the normal alarm wouldn’t sound when armed/stay.

Sounds like I need PLEG or LUUP code for this right?