Basic PLEG capability?

I have a bunch of door/window sensors set as triggers for a siren. When any of them open, the siren goes off. This runs in the PLEG.

Currently, they all get armed via a scene (outside of the PLEG) that runs when I lock a deadbolt. I’d like to take that out of the scene, and set up an action in the PLEG so that none of them arm unless all of them are closed (too many false open/closed reports that instantly set off the siren when the deadbolt gets locked).

I’ve tried setting my device triggers for both open and closed, and my conditions for both AND and NOT. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. I stripped it down to test just one door sensor, still nothing. So I got rid of all the sensors, and just set up the PLEG to arm all the sensors whenever the deadbolt was locked (simplest way I can think of). It won’t even do that, even though the deadbolt shows as locked or unlocked in the device dashboard. Am I missing something here? Is there a certain device property the PLEG reads to established state?

How about posting a PDF of your status report? That is pretty much standard when asking for help with a PLEG. If we can see the logic, we can make recommendations…

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I didn’t see the need to post the PDF anywhere. Was there a sticky in the old forum that maybe didn’t get moved? This forum also doesn’t support PDF uploads.

Either wayProgram Logic Event [35] (1.1 MB)

This is what’s there now. I’ve gotten rid of everything I’ve tried. The triggers include the latest attempt I had. My guess is that the “opened whether armed or disarmed” only reports action, and not state of device. I’ve also tried “closed whether armed or disarmed” as a trigger.

It will now arm all the sensors when the deadbolt is closed and report it to me through text message. Apart from me originally setting it up to do that and it not arming anything, I didn’t change anything, so I’m not sure why that works now.

I am not a big fan of using the Armed/Disarmed built-in functionality, but if you want to use it, I would add a trigger on the Armed property of each device. This would let you confirm it the device is armed, and see when it was armed. (You do not have any property triggers today, so it may be a new section of the PLEG for you.) With that data, you can write a more complex condition that confirms not only the device is armed, but also that it became armed and THEN was opened (sequence expression).

I’m looking to set it up so that none of the sensors “arm” unless all of them are “closed”.

I just spent some time looking at the Device Properties tab, but I don’t see “closed” listed as a property to be used as a condition.

Is the PLEG capable of doing what I want?

PLEG is more than capable.

As far as closed, you already have that with tBath_window and the like. Based on how you have those built on them being opened, then if they are false we know the window is closed.

What I am suggesting is to separate out armed/disarmed from open/closed. Build your Triggers on ‘is opened whether is armed or disarmed’, and then separately build Device Properties on “Armed”. Then PLEG can determine for sure both the open/close state of the device as well as the armed/disarmed state.

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