Basic on/off scenes acting up

I have two very simple on/off scenes that are setup to turn a switch on with a certain event and then back off after a set time passes. With both scenes, the switches turn on but they do not turn back off. I have double checked each an they appear correct and I have rewritten them and made various adjustments but neither turns off after the desired time of 3 and 4 hours passes. Both turn on with the specified event.

Strangely, I have another switch that uses the same scene configuration except an on time of 10 minutes and it works fine. Anyone know what may be going on? ???

I too have gotten seemingly random turn-off results just running simple on/off scenes. I am running a Vera 2 UI4 1.1.1047. I have been trying to remember to login to vera every evening now to check to see if the lights are turning off as they should. I am getting about a 90% success rate, but I don’t want lights on all night for the other 10% of the time. Next week when I am onsite at the house I am going to try the upgrade to the new firmware and see if that removes some of the bugginess.

Can you check to see how long your vera has been running (between reboots)? You can log in via SSH and use the “uptime” command to show this. There has been a history of software issues that caused this set of symptoms. OFten it was caused by the vera rebooting between the initial, and the followup actions, causing it to loose it’s ‘to-do’ queue. MCV has put a great deal of effort into stabilizing their code in the last few releases, which has helped tremendously. 1.1.1147 was one of the products of this effort, but a few bugs still existed in it. A new publicly available firmware update should be available soon, and may help.

Also worth noting, if between action A and B you execute another set of actions against the same device it can cancel the later ‘scheduled’ action if one of the new actions is an off command.

If all else fails, many of us consider it to be good practice to use two scenes (one for ON, and another independently scheduled for OFF) when the duration between ON/OFF is long (for me, I only use the “after N minutes” feature for durations up to ~30 minutes). This way you know for sure the off events will fire.

@fall-line, I will try to log in tomorrow to find out if the unit has rebooted between A and B. The scenes in question are a few weeks old and neither has completed successfully to date so if it is due to a reboot then it is rebooting itself on a consistent schedule if I understand the problem correctly. I could easily use a separate “all off” scene for these two switches and as a check for other things that should not be on at the shut off time. I think I will set this up in the meantime. Thanks for the help and I will post back on your question soon.