Balanced ventilation regulation based on CO2 and humidity


I have a question regarding my setup in PLEG for controlling my ventilation system based on various variables in the house. The ventilation is normally in medium and I want it to go HIGH when CO2stove > 1100ppm or CO2soverom > 1200 or humidity in the bathroom over 65. THEN I want the ventilation to go back to MEDIUM when these three variables are below some limit AND the ventilation is set to HIGH.

I have mainly used device properties instead of triggers since it makes the conditions easier to create. I want to test it but I don’t really know how, so I wondered if anyone can see if it will work as I intended?

(tried getting the status report but it doesnt seem to make a report, just states “Current status updated”)… ?

Vera Plus Ui7, Netatmo, Z-UNO, PhilipsHue, DataMine, PLEG

It seems okay to me but without a status report, I cannot see if the logic is reading correctly. To test, you can manually run an Action.