Bad VeraPlus, Sensors, or Me?

Hello all. I have a new VeraPlus and a few questions, I hope I’m misunderstanding some things.

Firstly, I got the Plus configured and it appears to be working. One concern I have is that I disabled WiFi, yet the WiFi light on the unit is still on. I don’t see if when scanning for it, but shouldn’t that be off?

Secondly, the only devices I have so far are a couple of Door Sensors. I don’t know if they are communicating properly. I can find them, configure then, arm/disarm them (I think), but moving away the magnet sensors appears to do nothing. How can I see “live” activity with the Vera so I know they are actually doing something?

They are Centralite Micro Door Sensors. Maybe the batteries are just weak that came with them, unfortunately I don’t have spares. But, I’d consider this rather odd since they are new and had the pull tabs on them.

You should see the icon change in the UI, but unless you set something up, triggering the sensors won’t do anything


Thank you. It still wasn’t working, so I factory reset the sensors (even though new) and now they work great.

Anyone have an idea about the wifi?

I had the same issue your solution is the same one that I used. The WiFi is still one that I have not been able to sort out. As a 70 youngster I will figure it out. Please share your adventure

Thank you. Yes, very strange. The LED is still on even after a power cycle. The GUI says WiFi is off and I’m not seeing it’s SSID broadcasting, so I “guess” it is off.