Bad GE/Jasco Lamp Module

I have a relatively new module that doesn’t seem to be working. MiOS can send and receive commands to it… but the light won’t go on. I’ve tried excluding/including it.

Before I send back… wanted to check to see if this was normal, or maybe I was missing something. Couldn’t really find anything related in forum search.

Does the light come on when operated manually (i.e. non-Z-Wave)?

Like… “are you sure your PC is plugged in?” :slight_smile:

Yep… works fine plugged in directly.
when plugged into module… the button on the module will NOT turn on/off.
Lamp works fine with a different lamp module.

(Sorry… should have been more detailed)

:slight_smile: I was looking for this data point:

That’s not good. I’d say it’s bad (assuming lamp is plugged into the Z-Wave socket, not the pass-through).

There’s two sockets?

LOL… thanks!

Second one of these just went bad … same exact issue. Vera can send commands to it fine, but no power seems to be going out of the zwave outlet. the passthrough outlet is working fine.

I’m curious… do others have a fairly high death rate for the jasco dimmer modules?

The oldest I have is a year old and I haven’t had issues with any of the 12 that are on my system

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weird… i’m running 10… 2 I’ve replaced. Never more than a few months old.

I have 4 ge switches for about a year now. All running strong. 2 outlets I bought about a month ago have been good so far too. Only time will tell. Your not giving me the warm and fuzzies though.

I have a fair number of switches as well… single, 3-way and 4-way dimmers setup… all fine. It just seems to be my luck with the modules.

Interesting, I went to RMA this last one, and the company is sending me a replacement… told me to just throw the bad one away and not return it.

Good to know. At least they are taking care of you without pain. Makes you wonder why they don’t want it back.

buy a new one at Lowes and return the old one

I go there all the time and get GE switches (e.g. IRIS), but their lamp modules are different than the GE’s. I wasn’t sure if they were zigbee or zwave??? Do you use them? cheaper is always nice… and local!

UPDATE: I just checked their site… and a reviewer says it’s zigbee. :-\

too bad

Amazon then!

I have 15 of the GE non dimmer version and none of those have gone bad in 2 years. I HAD one GE dimmer version and it just went out last month and it was only installed less than a year. Same issue as you had. It would not even work by pushing the button. The only thing that did work was the pass-thru