Backup restore and new backup impossible

Since September 18th, I no longer have automatic backups on my Vera Plus, and I’m also unable to download the backups from September 18th and earlier. I’m receiving an ERROR: Storage file error message. It seems like the backup site is no longer functioning correctly. Is it possible to migrate to another relay? I’m currently using this one: Thanks for any information.

Hello @madmax

We have created a support ticket for you, be attentive to your email inbox or junk folder, please.


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 2 Support.

Thank you very much, I also submitted a support ticket. Thank you.

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I just checked mine to be safe and mine looks OK. I was able to see backups for each day including today and I was able to download one OK also. Might be a relay issue as you said. I logged into and then selected my Vera Plus it then used this relay and redirected me to my Vera Plus controllers UI7 web interface etc.

Hello @madmax sorry for the delay,

This is a follow up to know if your situation was resolved.

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