Backup Question

Is PLEG configuration saved during a controller backup?

That has been my experience.

Thanks wanted to make sure before I factory reset my controller.

I have done that many times, since that is the only way I can update the firmware.

My controller was hosed, did the reset and restore everything went great except no zwave devices showed back up

You have to backup z-wave first then save the backup. Customer should be able to get a full backup for you as well in case that is lost

I seem to recall having a similar experience about a year ago. I may have tried again - factory reset and then restore.

Not sure if I did a zwave backup on my latest which was the 24th,but I am 100% positive I did for my backup on the 21st. How do you tell if the zwave backup is in the normal backup?

Sorry, I do not know. I have always saved with z-wave.

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