Backup of reactor 3.8 creates JSON-file with "2.4" label in it (hence no MSR import possible)

I’ve started to use MSR (great!) and wanted to import my existing Vera settings, so I followed your procedure as described

I’ve created backup and saved to disk, but while trying to import in MSR it complained the version was not compatible.
Looking into the JSON-file I see…

{ “_comment”: “Reactor configuration 04/08/19 16:50:48”, “timestamp”: 1554735048, “version”: "2.4"

While my Vera reactor-plugin is effectively 3.8

*************************************************** REACTOR LOGIC SUMMARY REPORT ***************************************************
Version: 3.8-20262 config 20190 cdata 20045 ui 20190 pluginDevice 6374 LuaXP not loaded
System: Vera version 1.7.5186 (7.31) on Sercomm G450 ID 36 (Vera Plus); loadtime 1626988663/1626988677; systemReady 1626988707
Env: Lua 5.1; JSON dkjson 1.2; UnsafeLua=nil/true
Local time: 2021-07-23T08:59:44+0200; DST=1; Rumst, Flanders Belgium; formats %m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S
House mode: plugin 1; system 1; tracking off
Sun data: { “source”: “int”, “civdawn”: 1627009958, “nautdawn”: 1627006461, “sunset”: 1627069351, “nautdusk”: 1627075375, “stamp”: 2021204, “latitude”: 51.1, “astrodusk”: 1627081098, “longitude”: 4.417, “civdusk”: 1627071879, “astrodawn”: 1627000738, “sunrise”: 1627012485 }
Geofence: not running
RS: 1626891930,1626892317,1626892367,1626900718,1626986867,1626986933,1626987429,1626988201,1626988250,1626988677
NS: 946841580:D,946841640:U,946857060:D,946857120:U,946880220:D,946880280:U,946980600:D,946980660:U,1625111580:D,1625111760:U

Shall I just edit the backup-json and change the 2.4 into 3.8 and give it another go ? Or is there more to it ?

I’ve adapted the label in the json towards 3.8 and the import into MSR went smooth, so only a minor cosmetic issue.

EDIT : The import went smooth, but in the end the MSR rulesets are all empty actually indicating “no data” on all of them.
Not too sure if that is considered normal :wink:

I think you grabbed the wrong file. If you created a backup specifically to import to MSR, it wouldn’t have an 08 Apr 2019 timestamp on it.

Indeed, there is something really wrong with my Vera. Altough I press the “Backup Now” button and get an indication of the correct date/time when the last backup was taken, the JSON-file cannot be downloaded from my Vera and I’m seeing obsolete/old stuff…I’m rebooting my unit and will see where it takes me.

Thanks for pointing this out anyway :wink:

How are you downloading it?

I use the “save as” but it saves an wrong file.
Pressing the “download” link after taking a backup results in an error :slight_smile:

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 1 at column 1: Document is empty

Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

I’ve logged in ssh and searched the whole thing, pressing the “Backup Now” does not even create a reactor-config-backup.json file !

The reboot of the unit did not help. It does seem to create various files like the ones below. Removed then re-creates them after pressing “Backup Now” button on the Parent Reactor sensor.

root@MiOS_50261352:~# find / -name rea*.json

So yeah, interesting thing here :wink:

But at this stage, even pressing “Backup Now” never creates the file reactor-config-backup.json anywhere on my Vera.

Not a real disaster, starting from scratchs helps in learning the MSR way-of-working.

Ah, so you’re hitting the os.execute() bug in the version of firmware you are running. That version has an issue where sometimes os.execute() does not return the command’s exit status correctly, it unconditionally returns -1, which makes Reactor think there was an error.

You need to upgrade to 3.9 or stable branch, both from Github, for the workaround for this. Or upgrade your system to the last 7.32 beta firmware (or above, for future readers), but that may be a riskier premise.

Thanks for pointing it out Patrick!
Upgraded to 3.9 and all is OK now, import went smooth into MSR.



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