Backup File changed from JSON to XML?

Noticed today that the reactor backup file type changed from JSON to XML. Just wanted to check that that is by design?

That is not the case. More information needed.

When I went to the main RS Plugin, I clicked on “Backup and Restore”, then right clicked on “Download the backup file”, then clicked, “save file as”. The file created is defaulted to XML.

I’m using an Edge, and in the “My Apps” Tab is says Reactor is version 3.8.

That’s a Vera issue, then, the web service not issuing the correct MIME type for the file. It is still JSON.

Also FYI, Edge is not a supported browser for the Reactor UI. YMMV.


I meant I’m using a vera edge. Browser is Firefox.

LOL! I’ve got browsers on the brain these days. No worries. Nothing I can about the MIME type the Vera chooses. Just safe the file as JSON and it will be fine. The content is what matters, and it’s all text either way anyway.

Ok will do thanks. What’s YMMV?

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YMMV=Your mileage may vary! If you right click the link and click save as usually it saves as a JSON. This is the case with Chrome at least.

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Firefox is going off the reservation these days. It’s turning out to be a bit more work than most other browsers, almost like they are intentionally differentiating it from the Chrome-based works.

FWIW, I’ve stopped using Firefox as my daily driver. I’m a Brave convert.

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never heard of brave…will check it out.

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