Backup and Restore question

In the Vera app while using our Vera Plus, there was a fairly comprehensive menu of things that could be done including backing up the network and backing up the programming. I do not see this option anywhere.

Is there a backup somewhere that is automatic? If I have a failure is there a way to restore from it? Or is backup and restore still in development? This is a really huge thing for me, as I am pretty good at accidentally contaminating programs and data and have a strong fear of losing a lot of work.

THAT LEADS TO A SECOND QUESTION - On the “Z-Wave Settings” screen, there is a “Reset Z-Wave network” button and a “Reconstruct Z-Wave network” button. Do either or both of those delete my programming, or my devices, or my scenes???

Thank you for any input you can share on this important to me issue/question.

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As far as we know, backups are still not available in the Ezlo platform. I have created ticket 245156 in Zendesk to assist you with this. Please keep an eye on your email’s inbox and spam folders.

Yes its almost ready. expect it soon.

Fantastic! Thank you much! :blush:

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What about the second question? What does “Reset Z-Wave network” and “Reconstruct Z-Wave network”?

Yes, it turns out that “Reconstruct Z-Wave network” led me to the need to re-pair all of the devices I had previously paired and to re-create all of the scenes. (I hope I have that right!) I am keying on the word “reconstruct” as that being what I had to do after I screwed up and essentially deleted everything.

Please find the meaning of those options below:

“Reset Z-Wave network” removes all the Z-Wave devices paired into the controller and returns the Z-Wave configurations (meaning the network ID and Z-Wave role, among others) to the default values.
All the triggers and actions in Scenes related to Z-Wave devices will be automatically deleted after the devices are removed. If a scene is triggered only by actions of Z-Wave devices, the scene will be removed completely.
This action is irreversible. It is recommended when you want to start your Z-Wave network from scratch or clean the controller.

“Reconstruct Z-Wave network” debugs the Z-Wave network removing unresponsive devices and updating the information about the proximity among the Z-Wave devices to build the mesh network. This option is similar to “Update neighbor nodes” in the WebUI for Vera controllers.
It is recommended to use in case you no longer have some physical devices but they keep showing in the app and when you change the controller’s location or move the devices to a different room.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Oscar for bailing me out!! I so wish they would re-label those two options, or add specific text to make it very clear that some programming will be wiped clean. The screen on the app says that “Reset Z-Wave network” allows you to “reboot” the current Z-Wave network if something went wrong. To me, “reboot” means to turn off and back on, or to power down and re-power, and implies a return to what was there prior to the rebooting process. That does NOT imply to me that it will wipe much if not most of my programming.

The “Reconstruct Z-Wave network” button says it allows me to “reconstruct” my current Z-Wave network if something went wrong. To me, “reconstruct” implies starting over, and would lead me to expect that a lot of my previous efforts would be wiped clean.

So these two options, as displayed on the Z-Wave Settings menu in the app are very confusing to me.

For these same reasons, I advise users never to click the oh-so-inviting button marked “Configure Device Now” shown within each device’s settings. Doing so has caused the device (and all of its children, if driven by a plug-in, etc.) to disappear and then be reintroduced to Vera under entirely new Device #s, with default settings, etc. In other words, breaking everything including Scenes, Reactor routines, you name it.

So many things on Vera should be marked, “DO NOT TOUCH!” and “ARE YOU REALLY SURE?”!

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