Backup and partial restore

A request for some advice on managing my system:

It had been a year or two that things had been working like clockwork with OpenLuup on a Raspberry Pi paired with my Vera 2. Then we moved. One change I have made since (other than leaving nearly all my z-wave dimmers behind - they were those cheap $20 ones for sale on eBay in 2014/2015), was to repurpose the Raspberry Pi 2 for something else. I did, however, keep the Micro SD card with my OpenLuup system on it.

Well, after a year in a rented apartment we are into a new house and so recently i bought a new Raspberry Pi 3 and thought i would pop in the Micro SD card and see if it works. Sure enough, it does, although not perfectly. I am having issues with Workflows savings. After reading the forums, i wonder if it is not an issue with the OS and thought i might try to reformat the disk and start from scratch.

Before doing so though, i wanted to ask if anyone has any advice for files i should back up in order to make the installation go smoothly, particularly say with the connection to my Vera. If anyone can offer any suggestions, that would be great.


Since it sounds like your new Vera configuration will be totally different, you simply need to bridge to it to pick up the necessary devices. You could download all the device files from it using VeraBridge, but your existing ones will probably be fine unless you have a raft of new devices.

Since the device numbers are likely to be quite different, any automation you have may well need to be changed. However, any locally (openLuup) installed plugins should operate just fine.

The easiest approach is simply to delete your existing VeraBridge instance, which will remove all the linked child devices, and install a new copy of the bridge linking to Vera.

Or am I misunderstanding something here?