Backup 433MHz devices?


My RFXtrx transceiver stopped working with the latest 1.0 plugin and I have now spent two days manually restoring all devices. Not very productive (except managing to delete some old devices not needed anymore). Is it possible to backup all the device settings so I can easily add the devices again in case something goes wrong? If not, is there an easy way of list all 433MHz devices and what codes they use?

Simply use the save/restore feature provided by Vera.

You have the list of managed devices in one of the plugin UI tab.

You mean the save/restore feature under Settings → Backup? That didn’t work for me when I had to remove the RFXtrx device after I updated to 1.0 and got the “RFXtrx controller device : Failed to open IO Port”.

The “Managed devices” tab under the device is great but I don’t think it contain information I would need if I would like to recreate the devices?

I would like to get a list or automatic backup of what Category, Device type, Device name, House code and Unit code my devices have (a bit like is possible in RichardTSchaefers PLEG plugin).