Back Up & Restore Bug(s)?

Hi @intveltr

I thought I’d have a go at clearing everything off my HomeWave screen a sort of factory default, but I for some reason i couldn’t see how to do it (is there one?) .

So to get around this, I decided to do a restore of an old back up hoping that I’d not need to do too much more. Anyway to cut a long story short, I had a play with a old copy and then i wanted restored my latest back up file from my drop box account and noticed the following.

  1. A number of devices were not re linked, (but this looks to have been fixed by the relink all controls option you have .)

  2. The show battery level option is not remembered (As I never want to show them, yet many of them now do show it after the restore )

  3. The 3 line Multi Line variables choices are not remembered either, for example I have a screen with a number of sensors on it and i have set it up so it only shows me the last tripped date/time. but after the restore was done it nw shows all 3 variables

There’s no factory reset (maybe it needs 1?)

When did you make the backup to Dropbox, before or after upgrading to 1.40 and using Relink All?

  1. After a load, all devices should be linked. If they are grey, wait a while or kill and restart the app; it may have missed the last status update from Vera. If they are really no longer linked, a “relink all” will not help anyway :slight_smile:

  2. Not sure about this, I can’t reproduce this behaviour. Is this on specific device types only?

  3. This is due to using the “relink all” function. This function resets some aspects of controls, including the values shown on multi value controls.

Can you try again please, without using the “relink all” button? Then see if these issues persist.

Hi intveltr

That would be a nice feature, as I could find no way to start over again, all I could do was return to an early back up (Plus I’m writing a review on my blog for HomeWave so i wanted to start from scratch ;))

I did the back up just before hand, I then restored the first back up i had to have a play and then did a restore about 30 mins later.

OK I may not have waited long enough when I saw missing info or 0(zero) values.

Actually yes it looks like it, I have a number of RFX (Oregon scientific) sensors they show the battery level now, plus my Horstmann HRT also and a Everspring motion sensor too.

I see.

Will do…

UPDATE : I did the restore again and yes, it’s the RFX temp and humidity sensors that all show 0 values, but after a while they start updating again.

So in summary,

  1. don’t press 'relink all controls" after a restore
  2. be more patient
  3. Intveltr to introduce a factory reset option to stop parkerc going mad :wink:

Heh… I’ll be sure to add a factory reset to the next release. Incidentally, the “relink all” button will disappear as it is not really necessary to do this after upgrading. In this beta it does help me to catch more bugs :slight_smile:

Also, please let us have a link to your log with the review. I am always keen to receive both positive and negative feedback.

Of course.