axa remote 2.0 rv2900 window opener

A very nice non z-wave device is the axa remote 2.0. This device is able to open and lock windows. It comes with a infrared remote, but it is not possible to capture and copy this infrared signal. It is possible to hard wire a remote, but a nice way is to control the device via the rj12 port. This is a lin bus (data). A lot of information can be found on domoticaforum, including schematic.

At the moment i am able to control the unit via an arduino via a simple arduino sketch and some open close and stop buttons.
I think there are some possibilities to make a sensor or an ethernet gateway in combination with a vera plugin. Help is welcome because i am not the best programmer.

axa schematic credits to domorob with arduino sketch
axa picture of the device


i want to try the same. i purchased a few AXA openers, and i want to try to switch it using ESP8266, so that the window opener is connected to Wifi as well.

i dont prefer to use the communication interface, but use hardwired switches, like the optional AXA remote also does…
i hope to give an update after some time.

do you have furhter information on this device, i.e. the exact connections?


i managed to get it working, i connected it to the ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini)

not on zwave though, but working

see my post at: