AVR version for someone without arduino

If you have interest to use AVR without arduino staff you can post questions here.
I personally run arduino only for gateway and the rest is programmed using Atmel Studio and my clone of Vera library

Hi axill, could you advise on the benefits of avr vs arduino in this setup.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi Greg,

nothing dramatic.
It is more personal preference.

  • yes the code size is smaller
  • yes you will use more powerful Atmel Studio
  • yes if you lucky to own AVR DRAGON you will enter the world of hardware debug

OK. Thanks axill. I did use visual studio with an arduino plugin( visual micro) …but given how basic my coding is, I kept finding myself going back to the arduino ide… I should probably persist with it thou…

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It is good, you are free to choose ever way

Visualmicro do not use full power of visual studio.
I have nothing against arduino ide

I posted an article about clock connected to vera and able to show clock and external temperature both recieved from vera
sorry for google translation, I’m free to comment/answer here