AVR-E400USA_Main[358] : Startup Lua Failed

All of a sudden i get AVR-E400USA_Main[358] : Startup Lua Failed

10	06/25/18 20:47:15.261	XXX-UpdateSystemMessagesTasks now 2=AVR-E400USA_Main[358]: Startup Lua Failed timeout 0 (-1529974035) count: 31 pend:(null)/err:Startup Lua Failed/done:(null) <0x76bf8520>

So I found the problem but I need some help to solve it. The AVR-Receiver can be used in 3 modes

5.1 W/ Zone 2 - (Plugin works great)
7.1 -W/ Front Height Speakers (Communication error *** Lup Failed to Start)
7.1 - W/ Rear Surround (Communication error *** Lup Failed to Start)

I not sure where to find the problem in the code

any help?