Aviosys IP Power switch Plugin

Not much to say about this one!

Features control and status reporting, with regular polling. This means the status in Vera updates if the relays are activated by another controller.


I am new to the Vera, could you please give me a few pointers on installing this?


I just purchased one of the IP Power units (8 port). Was any further development ever done on this to create a full plugin?


I was having a look at this box - looks good. Eight controlled outputs with current measurement plus lots of other bells and whistles. Hope the English as seen on the company’s web site, isn’t reflected in the product.

The plugin would need a bit of rewriting to accommodate the unit.

[broken link removed]

Having picked up one of these old devices, and seeing as @chrisbirkinshaw shared the files via GitHub, I’m now trying to update his plugin to work with the later version of IPPower, and under UI7.

On the surface, this seemed like a very straight forward http switch to work on, yet while i’m reading through the various plug-in how-to documentation, i can’t seem what I’m, missing to make this operational ? I seems to have all the functions working when I run them in isolation, I’ve updated the I_IPPower1.xml, yet I can’t get t the parent and children to be visible in the UI, I can only seem to see then when I look them up via luup.devices request.

My fork of @chrisbirkinshaw is below…

[broken link removed]

if anyone has time to look of it, I’d welcome some direction on what I need to do to make this visible/operational?

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