AV Integration with Browsing

I have a large library of (FLAC) music on a server that is streamed through an app called Subsonic. We are remodeling our home and home automation will be an important part the house. I want to have everything integrated into one app, i.e. the home automation, selecting/browning music and distribute it to different zones. Is there any such solution with vera?

Did you manage to get this two work? Very interested if you did.

ImperiHome Pro will get you there if you configure it well. I use it to operate two Vera units (one Edge w/UI7 and one Lite w/UI5. I use the Edge to turn audio zones on and off and the PLEG plug-in to turn sources on when any zone is on and off when all zones are off. Vera transmits IR commands to an iTach device. ImperiHome (on phones and wall-mounted tablets) is my interface. The Lite is for water sensors and shutoff valves only.

Thanks, I will give it a try.

You are quite welcome.

BTW, I use RuneAudio on Raspberry Pi’s a music clients and they work out very well. I have all of my music in flac on an NAS as well and what I like about the Rune/Pi solution is that it is bit-perfect, boots quickly, runs headless and has a nice web-based UI that can be easily integrated into ImperiHome. I can turn zones on and off, control volume, and select sources on one screen and just sweep to the next screen for song selection. It is also very easy to integrate web radio station with Rune.