Aux switch on GE 3-way won't turn lights on

Over the past few months I have slowly started to install Zwave into my house with a Vera2 as my controller. It has gone smoothly for the most part, except I have reached a problem I am stumped at. I have a 3-way GE 45613 that I’m wiring for my basement lights. The main switch is wired in following the directions and it correctly turns the lights on and off. I followed the instructions to wire the auxiliary switch in and after figuring out what wire was which in the box, I had it wired up too. However, the auxiliary switch will not turn the lights on. It can turn the lights off, dim them, brighten them, but not turn them on.

Did I miss something or does anyone know what this sounds like? I feel like I’m missing something simple, but I tried all the simple fixes I could think of.
Thanks in advance

Fascinating! I have the exact opposite problem: I can turn on the lights with the Aux switch, but I can not turn them off or dim them in any way.

Care to share your wiring diagram or a photo?

I will look over the wiring when I get home later today. I tried to following the instructions that came with the switches though. So it should be that, but the wiring on the old switches was hard to follow because the wire colors between the two switches were inconsistant.

I saw a review on Amazon for the switches that mentioned putting a diode on one of the wires to fix some problems for one person, I was going to try that today if I have time to find a diode. If that didn’t work, I was going to try running new wires.

I just wanted to add in here that I fixed my problem. It was a user error :-[
I had the Load and Line wires swapped on the main controller. I switched them and everything worked correctly.