AutoVoice - Confirmation of words spoken in voice commands ?

Is there a way to have my Android phone show me the words captured by AutoVoice?

When speaking a command (e.g start <%scene>) it can be hit or miss if it works, yet the Google Voice beeps to suggest it has received the words correctly.

It would be nice if I could see confirmation of what words have been captured.

How are you triggering AutoVoice commands? Is it in continuous mode, through any shortcut or through Google Now?
Depending on the way is set, I don’t think AutoVoice has an “ok google” command by default, you trigger autovoice and then you speak the full command. While through Google Now, you have to match the exact command, the other two methods gives you some (5 by default i think) possible commands that are shown by a toast.

In the task that contains your AutoVera Scenes action, add another action, Alert>Flash and in the text field, click the tag icon and look for %avcomms(), insert the number 1, so it appears as %avcomms(1). Now your phone will toast the words that it captured and passed along to AutoVoice. You can insert this action either before or after your AutoVera Scenes action.

If you’d like a vocal response, add an Alert>Say action and in the text field insert: %scene activated