AutoVera in Bridged Vera (UI5) Environment

Has anyone been successful in using AutoVera in a Bridged Vera environment?
I have the AutoVera Plug in installed on both the Primary and Secondary Vera3 in my environment. This is a one-way bridge, not a peer-peer, the Primary does not update the Secondary.

I have AutoVera installed on several Android devices and I’m able to properly get status change updates from the Primary Vera but not from the Secondary.

In this particular case I have two Ping Sensors running on the Secondary, one monitors the local AT&T uVerse router to obtain the local status, the other monitors the remote AT&T router to obtain the link status. They are processed by a PLEG so that if BOTH are responding the it sets a VS “Internet Avail” to ON. If EITHER of the Ping Sensors is failing then it sets “Internet Avail” to OFF. One of the Android phones running AutoVera/Tasker has a Profile to monitor the status change in “Internet Avail” and if it goes ON => OFF then the phone sends an SMS with “Internet Unavailable” as the message. When the status goes from OFF => ON then it sends an SMS “Internet Available.”

In addition I never see the message “setting GCM Key …” on the this Android that I see on my other Android devices. I have uninstalled and reinstalled AutoVera on this Android. And for some reason this device shows as registered to receive updates on the Secondary Vera but NOT on the Primary.

Bizarre behavior

I’ve identified at least one problem in the Bridged environment, it cannot identify the correct AutoVera. When a device, plug-in, etc is installed on the Secondary Vera it creates a “mirror” of itself on the Primary. When the Android AutoVera app tries to connect to the Plugin there are two available to it and it can’t sort out which one … it appears to register with the first on it finds.

My interim solution is to move anything requiring AutoVera to the Primary Vera.