Automation delay without repeat question

On my Ezlo Secure, I have been trying to figure out how to lock my door once it’s been closed for 5 minutes without sending a lock command every 5 minutes. The functions seem to make sure it’s been closed for 5 minutes when I to a Pulse, For, or Follow but the problem is that it repeats every 5 minutes.

Can someone help me configure the lock scenario once the door is closed for 5 minutes - but if it’s opened during the 5 minutes, the counter restarts?


Hi @ceskelund

I’m assuming you have a door sensor+lock set you want to use to implement in the Meshbot?
We could use an exception but I’d like to double-check about your setup first.

Yes, I’m using the DSC Alarm Plugin to make sure the door is closed and a Schlage lock to lock the door. The problem is that when I use the functions, it wants to lock right away and then every 5 minutes. I want it to wait 5 minutes and if it’s opened during those 5 minutes, restart the counter. This prevents it from locking in someone’s face if it’s closed before they’re walking in after someone else.

Isn’t this as simple as adding (lock not closed) as part of the trigger? It would then act as a condition under which the mesh it is acutually started.

Hi @ceskelund ,

The correct trigger would be

  • Device - motion sensor - no motion (function FOR for 5 minutes)
  • Device - doorlock - unlocked

So function FOR should make sure it triggers if it remains closed for 5 minutes, and anytime it is opened, it restarts
and the other part will prevent the lock command to be sent again. It will only be sent if it is unlocked

You can also take this as an example if you’re using a door sensor. It’s not too different from what Osman mentioned above. The only difference is that you’ll be using the door sensor and the door lock with two conditions that will work as a trigger. In this case, the door sensor detects that the door lock is closed and if the door lock is unlocked it will lock the door lock after 5 minutes have passed.

The logic makes sense but it simply is not working for me - at least the way I have it configured. The door locks immediately after closing so it appears to be making sure, at least that the door is closed. Here’s what I have and the door locks after the first person comes in and closes the door most times. Any ideas what I have wrong? The door state updates in near time so I don’t think it’s a problem with timing…

Hello @ceskelund,

You have successfully created the MeshBot, just remove the “For” function for the first trigger and create a delay in the action of 5 minutes, like this:

Give a try and let us know how it goes.

That wouldn’t be a desired solution, since the delayed action will eventually happen anyway, because there is no ability to cancel action.
So the solution is already what I stated , we need to find from the logs what actually is happening. Can you please assist on that ? @SaraV

I’ll be happy to grab the logs from my system if you can tell me how.

Hello! @ceskelund

I’ve created a support ticket and sent you a message via e-mail since we may need to take a deeper look into this matter. I’ve sent you a PM with the ticket details as well.