Automated lights from sensors

Hi All,

I want to be able to get sensors / lighting triggers working well and wanted to see people’s thoughts / advice.

Some background:
I use Mcontrol – vera is the controller. Currently my macros (scenes) are mostly in Mcontrol. Current set up is: sensor triggered> macro kitchen light on for 5 minutes runs + also stops any existing instance of the “off” macro to stop macro. The “off” macro is tripped when the sensor is off.

The aim:
To have a lights stay on in the kitchen if you are in there – e.g motion is constantly detected.

The current issue:
Lights often turn off then on again instantly but I want to achieve the outcome that they stay on without going off until such time as no motion is detected after say 5 minutes.

Possible solution:
Moving a similar set of commands directly to Vera as Scenes perhaps? Thus perhaps avoiding the use of Mcontrol as not really needed. But how best to implement?

Looking forward to what people do as I can’t be the first to do this setup 

Many thank in advance all.

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Tag, you’re it. Next time someone asks this question it’s your turn to show them.

Hi Futzle,

Many thanks for your reply here - shold have searched better :-[

will be sure to help others that ask - many thanks.

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You may also want to try my new “Smart Switch” plugin, which is intended to make this process a whole lot easier:,11246.0.html

It’s certainly less of a general purpose tool than Futzle’s nice countdown timer plugin, but in this case, I think that also makes it easier to implement the more common “light control” scenarios.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas for improvements / etc.