Automate Neighborhood Pool Clubhouse Radio Controls

I installed a Vera at home, and while that is working great, I have now realized there are far more opportunities for the system at our neighborhood pool clubhouse. It is a volunteer group - I am a former board member and my wife is the current president. As the 30-year-old clubhouse is a few blocks away, it is hard to monitor and control. Those volunteers whose homes are closest often get sucked into daily chores of turning on/off the radio, turning off lights and fans that get left on after closing, watching for homeless or criminals to jump the fence, etc. I would like to use Vera to make the monitoring and management much easier for all.

So while the lights and security are things well supported on this forum, one of the most immediate needs that would make Vera valuable and get the install approved would be music/radio control. Right now only board members can turn the stereo receiver on or off due to its location and the fear of theft - and while timer controls have been used, we really don’t want the music on unless someone is at the pool and really wants it on. Plus we would like to give members more control over what is being played.

So what I would envision would be a z-wave scene switch with a “music on” button that would turn on a (probably new) stereo system for a given period of time. Say for three hours, but only if those hours are during the pool’s operating hours. And two or three more buttons to give the members a choice of local radio station presets. And volume up and down buttons - but only up to some maximum level we could specify. And a speaker selection button - pool area only, clubhouse only, or both (each location has a single pair of speakers wired to the stereo receiver). And finally maybe a button for a external jack where members could plug in an ipod/MP3 player (or even AirPlay, etc)…

Has only used Vera for something like this? Any recommendations for a stereo receiver that could be monitored and scripted to work like this?

Is this a little too advanced for the state of the available VERA plug-ins?
Should I be thinking Crestron?

You could take a look at using Sonos Media Players. There is a good plugin for these and you could set up scenes for each approved type of use. You could maybe use an Android tablet as a user interface that only allows the pre-configured scenes to be run.

There is some work required to set it up. With Crestron or similar systems, the setup work is still required but you usually pay someone else to do it - and pay them again whenever you want it changed. ::slight_smile: