AutHomationHD for iOS?

Any chance that we will see a version for iOS in the future? I’m about to buy a new phone for myself and the missus but as the apps for iOS are so poor I’m really hesitating to go with an iPhone again.

I think business would be really good if you have the time to implement this.

I do not have any intention to release to the iOS platform. I do not own any iOS devices.

  • Garrett

Thanks for the reply, Garrett, even if it’s sad news. I guess I have to talk the missus into an Android device… :wink:

Haha, do not by any means switch over because of my app. I use to own several iOS devices in the past. It is a great platform, but I have already invested too much in Android. It would also require me to learn a new programming language to program for iOS. Have considered any of the iOS apps already available for iOS? HomeWave has received some praise and the Developer Intveltr is pretty active on the forum.

  • Garrett

I’ve tried out Vera Mobile, eControl and VeraMate where I think the later one seems to be the best (looking). Unfortunately there is no trial version of HomeWave but the screenshots don’t impress much.

I had a grand plan to create my own app/web interface but right now my free time is very limited.

You may want to look on the forum for screen shots of home wave. It is very customizable.

  • Garrett

Thanks for the advice. I should give it a try before deciding on switching platform. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!! But Homewave is the most flexible and versatile iOS app out there right now that gives you the ability to make the app as visually appealing as you like. The app is the tool; you are the designer!!

Yes, Homewave is a nice app for iOS. I have never personally used it (do not own any iOS devices), but Inveltr is very active on this forum and provides great support for his app and plugins. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Garrett

After suggestion from Garrett I bought Homewave and I understand what you mean. It’s pretty much what I’m after. It will take me some time to get it nice looking as I’m not so skilled with graphics but I will work on it… :slight_smile: Would really like to get a nice looking control iPad up on the wall.

The screenshots in the AppStore are not the best. They should be updated…

I really like your icons. Have you created them yourself or downloaded them from somewhere?