AutHomationH devices are a little different to Vera devices


In vera I have a home security alarm device with 2 buttons, one says “full Arm” and the second says “part arm” but the button the device shown in AutHomationHD say “Arm” and “disarm”. The Vera device works as required… But the AutHomationHD device buttons don’t seem to arm or even disarm my home alarm panel.

Anyone able to suggest how I can get this working? The only thing I can think of is to create 2 scenes one to Arm and another to disarm the panel. Then use the scenes to arm/disarm in AutHomationHD rather than use the device button. But I really would like to use the device button…
I can upload pics of what I mean if it helps.


What kind of alarm is it? If the alarm plugin uses the alarm panel standard in Vera, then the app should have no problem controlling it. AutHomationHD does not support all Vera plugins.

  • Garrett

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