AutHomation Support for Aeon Labs In-Wall Double Switch

Just a heads up, the AutHomation doesn’t play nice when I have the Aeon Labs Double Switch. In the most part the primary problem is that when you turn a light on or off using AutHomation the display status doesn’t update - but if you refresh after then the status is displayed correctly. If None of my other Z-Wave devices have this problem when I control them via AutHomation.

This sounds like a timing issue and not an issue with the app. The app is updating faster than vera is getting the status changes. What version are you running of the app.

  • Garrett


I agree it definitely looks like a timing issue as the Aeon Double Switch is pretty slow to report its new status back to the Vera. However the Vera Mobile (Android) app seems to handle this okay (i.e. it shows the new state after a few seconds) but AutHomation doesn’t.

Try using the beta here.

  • Garrett

I get the same thing with the latest Beta. Also, I get the same thing with the Remotec IR Extender when I turn my AC On - but this will most likely route back to my Vera through my light switch.

Do you have auto refresh enabled?

  • Garrett

When the auto-refresh is enabled the state of the lights does update (e.g. if the auto-refresh is 30 seconds the lights will show as correct after 30 seconds). However, the other devices on my Z-Wave network (e.g. in-line power switches) update immediately. Having to wait for the auto-refresh is a bit querky and I know if other people (wife and kids) in our house were AutHomation to turns on lights they would find this frustrating and just keep on pushing the Light On button if they don’t get an update on screen within a few seconds.

If you are using the latest beta of the app and you have auto refresh turned on. There is nothing that I can do to correct the delay of your Aeon Labs double switch. With the beta and auto refresh turned on, the app creates a connection to vera and will wait for any updates that Vera pushes out. It will then process that data and create a new connection with vera again until new data is available. The app is simply waiting for changes from Vera and there is nothing I can do to correct your delay. This is a status reporting issue with the switch and vera and not the app.

  • Garrett

Hi Garrett,

Sorry my previous comments about the refresh was based on my experiences. I have just retested the Beta version with the Auto-fresh turned on and it works perfectly.